Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Problem

The main problem I see in today's America is Democrat vs Republican.

Sure I wish we could all be "one" but that wouldn't "accomplish" anything..

The left are right on many issues
The right are right on many issues

When will it end?

Will the two parties ever mix?

Will people like Stephen Colbert, Glenn Beck, and Ron Paul ever get along? Is that impossible?

Quoting Glenn Beck here again: My problem is that I love my country too much...


  1. I think it's impossible to be honest. Glenn Beck is an idiot and Colbert is a giant troll.

  2. It is really hard for me to have hope when I see campaign commercials which are laughably misleading and realize that people are actually going to fall for that shit. Politics is now all about marketing. Ron Paul will never be president and Ralph Nader will never be president because neither of them is marketable. Palin could definitely be elected. It won't happen because she's no doubt realized by now that being president is much less financially lucrative than not being president. As a matter of fact, being against the dominant party is more financially lucrative than being for it. You know that deep down Rush and Glenn were glad Obama won. I'm sure their ratings have gone up since he was elected. People need to realize that we have a system which CAN put the power in their hands, if they choose to seize it. Alot has being written about how Obama is too "professorial". Put aside the fact that it's not true for a moment. Assuming he is "professorial", WHAT THE FUCK is WRONG with that? We don't want a smart president? People are too dumb to understand a "professor"? I need to stop. I'm just going to post this to my blog. It'd be cool if you checked it out.

  3. No, your problem is you got picked on in school so you decided to devote your life to trolling America.

    This guy is crazy, forreal.

    Colbert is indeed a troll, but he's paid to troll, along with Stewart. Beck is doing this for his own sick pleasure. He's power hungry.

    Republicans are notorious for claiming the "Real American Spirit" simply because yes, they are the overfill of the real Americans. They stick to their family, their past, their heritage, basically they way things were when they were a kid. Passing on the family stones.

    Liberals are here to teach us that even though holding your family's values are important, not all of them are necessary. In fact, quite a few of the things Americans have "gotten used to" over the years has had negative effects on us. Smoking, drinking, over-eating, bias views against sex, age, race, color, religion, etc. If it weren't for Liberal viewpoints, we wouldn't have escaped some of the vicious grasps our history has held on us.

    On the other hand, conservatives have intended to hold the American values tight, and stay close to the constitution, which I think is a wonderful idea. Out constitution is the center of how America works. If we don't pay attention to how it's being effected, it will lose it's power.

    All in all, political freedom is a long way away, and until our average American citizen is very active in politics, we wont have a good government.

  4. Steve you don't seem to know much about American politics in the least. Colbert is by no means a troll, he's one of the most brilliant masterminds in satire in this current age. Also, Republicans just want to keep the status quo. Even if that means more teen pregnancies (no contraception), denying the fact that everyone is equal under the Constitution (no gay marriage) and making sure to impose their fascist tendencies on anyone and everyone.