Sunday, September 19, 2010


Is it just me or do independents seem like agnostics?

They won't take a side due to the conflict, or due to the "animosity" that pursues each party.

I think you NEED to take a side in politics. I think theres no other way. If you don't take a side,
what are your beliefs? You can't be middle of the road on everything..there's just no way that's
having an opinion in life. you have to decide. repeat. you HAVE to decide.

Sure you can not vote along party lines, and be independent on some things, but not everything.

NOT everything.



  1. I think I might have to agree with you :3

  2. I agree with you, choice is very important. Although I don't really care for politics.

    I just don't like the whole scene around it, always spending too much money on propaganda and promising things too good to be true

  3. I don't agree with this. Good read though

  4. youre right. a political sense is important.

  5. I am an independent voter. the reason I chose it is because I don't want to be associated with the stereotypes of each party. I respect issues from both sides of the political spectrum. It sucks though because I am unable to vote in the primaries

  6. totally agree

    showing some luv.

  7. I agree with you. Politics is sth entirely stupid because its sth based mostly on benefits for politicians.
    My thought about management (of any problem from a countrie's to a kids) there are 3 ways:


    These solutions are based only on common sense and pure logic, supported by scientific facts. Not stupid people voting for stupid people.

  8. evrybody wants to be independent

  9. Being independent is about liking and disliking policies on both sides. Independents tend to be more intellectual than the sheep that heard to filth being spewed by the two political parties. Christians tend to lean more on the conservative side while some other tend to lean on the liberal side. I don't like a big government(conservative), but I also don't like the idea of all of my hard earned money being taken away from me. I think abstinence only programs are ridiculous. You need to teach both safe sex AND abstinence education. Being independent is about finding the good and the bad in both political parties, and finding out which you like better based on this.

  10. I believe it is entirely possible for someone to never agree with either major political party. Hence why a lot of people (Independents) hate the two party system. There needs to be a 3rd or even 4th political party that has the power to get into D.C..

  11. I view Independents as not really agnostic, just they follow their own beat. They may support this, they may not. They just aren't uniform like the official parties.