Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck's rally (further continued)

So apparently around 500,000 people showed up at the Restoring Honor Rally for the G man.

That's a TON of people for a political rally, even if it is in the heart of D.C.
There was a counter rally, but it really wasn't that successful.

Now, the restoring honor rally was all about how religion and God need to be the focus
of today's Americans and how "we" all need to "return to God"

What I don't understand, however, is how Glenn Beck can possibly generalize "we" as
"all" Americans.

Americans are intelligent, and, have tons of different opinions on different issues.

If Glenn Beck wants to make a point, he needs to avoid mass generalizations, it only gets him
into trouble and makes him look ignorant.


  1. I think you meant "non-political" rally. (I type that why rolling my eyes)

  2. I was listening to the evangelist at that rally talk on NPR..

    shit is nuts bro

    religion and state has never gone well in the past and won't be tolerated in modern US

    Glen Beck is just trying to make money

  3. Didn't even hear about a counter rally pretty funny =p

    Glen sounded like he was trying to be lutheresque in his speech was also pretty funny...