Friday, August 27, 2010

I love my Country too much....thats my biggest problem

That's my problem, guys. I love America too much.
If it were up to me, America would always be the shining beacon of light
that it is and keep on bringing hope to millions.
Yet, theres change. Obama is our president now. Now, we don't have that shining
beacon of light. We lost it America....we...lost it...

You see what I did thar? I took something Glenn Beck did on his show to show how utterly
preposterous it is. You can't appeal to America by speaking on behalf of MILLIONS of
Americans (lots of whom were opposed to the Vietnam war may I remind you...)

You have to have tolerance. Tolerance and understanding. Nobody is exactly the same as
everyone else. Find tolerance and maybe America WILL be that beacon of shining light...

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  1. hm.
    i dont quite agree
    wanna discuss?